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Ashlee's Oz Adventure

Ashlee's Oz Adventure

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Ashlee (bootselven) just uploaded and used a batch of new pics for her LJ. Go check 'em out. It kind of looks like she went on vacation to the Land of Oz (for those who haven't read those books, each country in Oz is associated with a different color - the Munchkins love blue, the Gillikin Country favors purple, the Quadling country is into red, and the Winkies love yellow, and the Emerald City - what do you think?). So, she went to Munchkinland, to the Gillikin country and to the E.C. And you didn't bring me back a tee shirt? Hmph.

Seriously, love the new pics, Ash. The update is mucho welcome.
  • wow!

    Wowsers! I LOVE those pics of ashlee's! They're soooo kewl! I am going to upload new pics of me and others soon...once they've gotten developed......

    I'm jealous now - ashlee - you're cute! and I love your pics! you madam you....*spank*

    nicki x
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