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Requiem for a comic book writer

Ilnaras of Fantasia


Requiem for a comic book writer

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I have a mental list of people in the comic book industry that I've wanted to meet. Today, that list has one name taken off.

This morning, Kate Worley died after a long battle with cancer. She is best known for her work with Reed Waller on the internationally famous Omaha, the Cat Dancer. To say that her writing and the comic were influential would be to understate. Omaha has been banned or censored in some way in just about every country in the world. However, it had the best storytelling of any adult comic in the world.

She also did work on Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit? monthly series, and I'm sure that her work extends well beyond that.

Kate's writing has more than influenced my own. I credit her for my being able to write "relationship" stories, and it shows heavily in my fanfic Ice: New Life, which I need to get back to writing sometime.

Kate, you will be missed greatly. I was looking forward to reading more of your work, what with the new Omaha books coming out.

My condolences go out to her family, and to Reed Waller, who I know will miss her.
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