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Ilnaras of Fantasia



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Oh, kewlness! I just saw some screenshots of the new Legend of Zelda game. Link actually looks adventure-ready, and not like some 5-year-old kid. Look at the other pictures on the site, too. It looks to be a beautiful games, on par with something we might see in Oz or Prydain.

Plans for today, and let's see if I can actually get them done (*SNAP*): Send out invoices to the E-bayers who bid and need to pay (actually had a fellow who paid for the Celtic Tarot right away!), and then write my story about Vorestia for ComStar. Maybe get some drawing done (No, I'm not sure how to, really, but I saw something in a book that might help me) - time to make my Wacom tablet earn its keep. Might figure out how to use the damn cartoon render option in Poser.

Might take a nap first...
  • Isn't he hot? *looks down at her "The Legend of Zelda" shirt with a big picture of Link on it* :D
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